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The rules of Chernobyl tour

The Rules of stay in the Zone prohibit:

✖️eating, drinking and smoking in open air;

✖️touching buildings, trees, plants;

✖️gathering and eating mushrooms, berries, fruit and nuts in forests and gardens of the abandoned settlements

✖️sitting on the ground

✖️putting photo and video cameras, bags, backpacks and other personal belongings on the ground.

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Отзыв о Чернобыль Туре

Елена Курдицкая (Elena Kurditskaya) о своей недавней поездке в Чернобыльскую зону:

«Прошла уже неделя после поездки в Чернобыльскую Зону.

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Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Did you know that the frontier troops were engaged in the construction of the enclosing perimeter of the exclusion zone?

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Air tour to the Chernobyl Zone



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